You are in Group 2 of the LIFT study!

What should I expect with Group 2?  This is 1 of 8 versions of the LIFT program that differ slightly from each other on 3 factors:

  • Introduction:  You are in the app introduction group.  This means that this web page and the LIFT app will guide you in getting started.
  • Dose:  You are in the high dose group.  This means that we would recommend you do the short guided meditation twice a day.  You also have access to the confidential chat room.  Tina will be responding to peoples’ questions.  People can use the chat room to talk to others about their experiences with the LIFT program.
  • Response to your symptoms:  You are in the team help group.  If your symptoms either remain really severe or start to get worse over time, Tina Gremore (a study team member; see photo below) will give you a brief call.  The purpose of this short call is to find ways to use the LIFT program for your specific challenges.  Important: if your symptoms are either low or improving, we won’t call you.

How do I get started with the LIFT app?  We have three great resources (video, booklet, Quickstart card) available by clicking here.

What are the KEY things I need to do in the LIFT study each week–and day?

The LIFT program lasts for only 1 month.  It only takes <10 minutes a day!

  • Step 1:  At the beginning of each week, watch a video.  The short video will explain what you will be doing–and how the LIFT program will help.
  • Step 2:  Each day, do the short guided meditation by playing the audio file in the morning and evening.  You can also use the chat room to interact with other LIFT participants–and Tina Gremore from the LIFT team.
  • Step 3:  At the end of each week, do a short Weekly Check-In survey.  It only takes 1 minute.

What if I have questions?  Always feel free to contact us.  We are here to help you.

  • App questions:  Contact the fantastic Pattern Health team in Durham, NC at 1-844-877-7827 or
  • All other study questions:  Contact Allie Frear from the LIFT study team at 1-919-684-8914 or